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Job Title: Senior SCM/CI Engineer
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Position Summary

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The SCM/CI Engineer will report to China CID manager and work within a virtual agile team between CID Beijing and CID San Jose. It requires close cooperation with project office, system engineering, software design and I&V teams to perform software merge, build, label & release activities, manage branch strategy, maintain design/build environment, continuous integration framework and other tools. The scope mainly focus on projects in Beijing site, but also possibly serve DUIP global.
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Responsibilities & Tasks:
  • The individual will be responsible for SCM daily operations within assigned projects including maintaining release contents, versions & baselines, compiling software with standard software build tools and packaging builds for release.
  • Participate in SCM planning, scheduling and documentation.
  • Maintain and support SCM environment including GIT/GERRIT, Jenkins, build automation scripts and etc.
  • Maintain and support design environment including SuSE Linux, Virtual Machines, Coverity, compiler and etc.
  • Maintain and support Continuous Integration framework based on Jenkins.
  • Coordination between development team and IT department for development environment maintenance.3 H2 V# K2 {0 f' y" k
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General Qualification

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  • Technic oriented people and be passionate for broader skills in software development and continuous integration.
  • Team work and good communication skills across multiple teams.
  • Be able to work independently and respond to multiple and conflicting requests under tight deadlines and in a dynamic working environment.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills in English. Clear mind, ability to break down complexity and communicate things in a clear manner.
  • Driving ability and leadership skills to drive E2E solutions and make things done leading a virtual task force team.
  • Innovated mindset to break routines and make continuous improvement.* r% _' u" c0 h$ K/ b
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Technical Qualification
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  • Thorough knowledge of SCM tools. Experience in GIT/Gerrit usage, design and implementation is a must. Experience in IBM ClearCase and other CM tools is desired.
  • Familiar with SuSE Linux operation and administration. Experience in performance tuning and Virtualization (VMWare, VirtualBox, Openstack, Docker) is desired.
  • Good programming skills and tools development experience in either of c/c++, perl, shell, html, cgi and php languages. Experience in Java and Python is desired.
  • Thorough understanding of Continuous Integration principles and experience in CI setup based on Jenkins is a must. Capability to design Jenkins plug-ins using Java is desired.
  • Experience in Nexus, Artifactory and Maven is desired.
  • Thorough understanding of compiling principles and deep understanding on make systems.
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Other Qualification
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  • At minimum 3+ years software development working experience.
  • At minimum 2+ years Software Configuration Management (SCM) or Continuous Integration experience.
  • B.S. degree in Computer Science or equivalent is a must.
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See you CV to
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